There is no winery if there is no harvest and if the clusters counted on the sample plants are not weighed, to see whether the work in the vineyard has been done well.

I will now describe the winery to you, as seen through my own eyes, so that maybe when you come to visit you will be able to see whether it is all true. 

You enter a large green door and immediately in front of you is corridor of about 30 m in length, with concrete tanks to the left and right.

I know that described like this, it sounds like a description of a concrete factory, but I assure you, however, it was built according to the French model, which was in vogue in some wineries belonging to the local nobility in Sicily during the early 1900s.

I remember perfectly the first winemaking and the first experiments in the 1990s. I began by renovating four vats, each of 170 hectolitres, and I cooled the must with a small heat exchanger connected to a fridge. I spent the nights making sure the fermentation temperature did not rise and when, a year later, there were already eight tanks and I had installed plates to exchange the cold,

controlled by an electrical panel that allowed the temperature to be set, I felt over the moon and, if nothing else, I was could sleep at night!

All the tanks have now been renovated, there are 27 of them and there are also some steel tanks in the area where the old winemaking machines are kept, which I use for smaller amounts.

Naturally, I have a part in wood, 225 litre barriques, and vats by 25 hectoliter, for the time being used for Nero d’Avola and the Syrah of the Sole dei Padri.

All the Spadafora wines are made exclusively with grapes of our own estate, Monreale distric, map N. 142.

There is perhaps a shortage of space, not because we have expanded, but because we are handling grapes from 95 acres, and with tanks, bottles being aged and pallets of packaged wine, the space is never sufficient.

This is where I live during harvest time: I pass the time here during the year, and as my house is just opposite, I come here in the evening to grab a few bottles to drink.