The History

Spadafora is a noble Sicilian family whose first certified traces date back to 1230. Over the centuries the house has held five principalities, a duchy, two marquisates, an earldom and twenty-five baronages. Some family members have occupied prominent positions in the Kingdom of Sicily and in some European countries.

The founder of the company is Don Pietro dei Principi di Spadafora, who inherited the estate from his uncle, Michele De Stefani, a talented farmer and breeder of racehorses.

The estate suffered a lot of damage during the 1968 earthquake but Don Pietro committed himself to the reconstruction and redevelopment of the vineyard, reappraising the native grape varieties and introducing non-native varieties to Sicily for the creation of quality wines. The current owner is me, Francesco Spadafora, son of Don Pedro, and tomorrow Enrica Spadafora, my daughter.

Family Tree

The history of Spadafora bottled wine began almost twenty years ago, in the summer of 1988, when my father decided it would be better to explore another world, to see how it was, so from our land in Mussomeli, a family-owned property in inland Sicilian, where I grew wheat, I moved to Virzì to take care of the vineyards and make wine from the grapes. I immediately became passionate about it, thinking about what my father would like and what I wanted.

After tasting and testing, I decided in 1993 that I would only produce wine from grapes grown on this land, and I produced our first bottle, which I naturally named after my father: Don Pietro.

I will tell you the story behind the wine and why I have chosen to live in this place, where I am sure my father would have liked to live and where, every time my daughter plays and runs around, I touch a part of heaven. In short, Virzi is a unique place, with its own beauty, where, while respecting the land, we decided to distribute all this around the world.

Our Comics

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