The accommodation in Virzi, consisting of small, separate, renovated apartments, which were once the homes of sharecroppers, is something fairly recent.

From the photos of the exteriors and interiors, you’ll see that the houses fit in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

I will try to describe the route to arrive here.

At a small sign for “Virzi”, you turn off the road linking the Gallitello exit of the Palermo – Mazara del Vallo motorway with the town of Camporeale, and after a few bends, a group of different coloured houses can be seen in the distance. It looks like a small village, and once it actually was.

I remember well as a kid, when those houses, and others besides, were inhabited by families who cultivated the estate, before they all collapsed during the Belice earthquake. The houses have been gradually renovated over the years to accommodate the people who come to visit us.

After about two miles of paved road, you continue through olive groves and vineyards along a dirt road, sometimes an ordeal and sometimes a delight for our visitors, and eventually reach the centre of the estate, following the signs for Virzi.

I have now been living on the estate for ten years, opposite the winery, among the vineyards, and for me this is a marvellous place, but I know that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why I decided to create the Virzì guests’ “handbook”:

  • I am well and I feel happy to live in this place, even though before this I was already content.
  • I feel the need to hear and tune into other noises than those of the city.
  • The light does not disturb me and I do not fear the energy that it can give me.
  • I love the produce of the vegetable garden and eating in the evening beside a large window overlooking the vineyards.
  • I am enticed by the possibility, when I return from trips – to Segesta, the Zingaro Nature Reserve or wherever – to dive into the pool, between the Chardonnay, Nero d’Avola and Inzolia.

I could continue, but I don’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of surprise. I can tell you, however, that Virzi is perhaps not the best place for people who don’t like living like this.