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The importance of having a ‘new’ official website

The importance of having a ‘new’ official website And the importance of having an online brochure, to provide all the info and share the Company philosohy and how we deal with the vast world of wine, sometimes chaothic. The origins, the history, the philosophy, whre we are, how we make wine and above all the […]

An eye on the consumer

An eye on the consumer There are two different macro-categories of wine consumers: the ones who knows, and the ones who relies on others. Nevertheless, we must pay attention not to address anyone into these two categories, since everyone feels like be-longing to the other type.The wise ones are sometimes knowledgeable, while some other times […]

The influence of the lunar phases on human life

The influence of the lunar phases on human life. The phases of the moon have an influence on human life: for centuries they have been considered a very useful indicator, especially in theagricultural sector. Recently it has been discovered that the lunar calendar can also be very useful in terms of body care. For example, depending on […]


Think about the vineyard as a tree,strong as a tree keeping youand the nex generations company.This is the summary of what farmers think when they grow vines, also translatable as“old vine knows best”, which meanskeep growing the same plantfor a long time, prune it properlybecause it wants to see many generationsand provide reliable fruits.We are […]