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Technically speaking the sicilian name is ”pruvulazzo” or ”polvere” (dust) in italian, and the tool we use it’s called ”cuteddazzu” in dialect, translated as cutlass in english, since it’s made out big blades going 10/15 cm deep in the land and they raise the dust. Ancestors said that stabbing the land creates a patina on […]


Sincere I want to drink a glass of wine, how can I know if it’s healthy? This is the question that the customer often ask to the producer and he is sometimes blown away, he answers without actually answering! There are some farmers that are not properly farmers, since they delegate someone else the production […]

The influence of the lunar phases on human life

The influence of the lunar phases on human life. The phases of the moon have an influence on human life: for centuries they have been considered a very useful indicator, especially in theagricultural sector. Recently it has been discovered that the lunar calendar can also be very useful in terms of body care. For example, depending on […]


Think about the vineyard as a tree,strong as a tree keeping youand the nex generations company.This is the summary of what farmers think when they grow vines, also translatable as“old vine knows best”, which meanskeep growing the same plantfor a long time, prune it properlybecause it wants to see many generationsand provide reliable fruits.We are […]