Woman and man with the glass in their hand

Woman and man with the glass in their hand

There is a different way of drinking between woman and man – “I really think so’’.
The man drinks on impulse while the woman smelles the wine – “not always”.
The man drinks to impress someone, buthe doesn’t know what he is drinking – “sometimes, yes”.
The woman chooses the wine and schedules the evening – “sometimes it’s like that”.
The woman drinks white or rosè and the man drinks red, to be a man – “sometimes, yes”.

When we get a bottle we let our woman try the wine to understand if we made the right choice.
Sometimes we have some doubts.
It’s good to trust, do not trust it’s confusing, what lies in the middle is drinking one’s own bottle, hoping that the other
will offer you his or her glass as well.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria

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